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Korra’s laughter. Sena’s sweetness. Dassi’s hot buns. The wind that blows at nightfall. The stars that fall at night. Gemechu’s cheerfulness. Adugna’s kindness. Bachu’s innocence. Abarash’s lentils with rice. Abarru’s eyes. Derebe’s curiosity. Birhanu’s smile. The perfume of Kuma’s house. Motuma’s songs. The drawing room at Bacho. Alemayehu’s shyness. Asnakets’ elegance. The sound of the well. The silence of the mountains. The everpresent smell of coffee… The hospitality of al the people of Walmara.
These are some of the reasons why once more I would like to go back and continue documenting life in Walmara and the Abay projects which are already consolidated and also those which have been implemented recently.
Thank you very much!

Lorena Oliver

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2 comentarios en “Walmara

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